Get back into Flying – let us renew your licence

At North Weald Flying Group we offer a bespoke service to help you get your lapsed licences current and converted to the new part FCL EASA licences.

Depending on how long the licence has lapsed it could cost much less than you expected to get flying again At North Weald Flying Group. We can supply the aircraft the Instructors and the Examiner in one easy package. We will also go through all the paperwork with you and make it super-easy to complete the necessary forms removing the trepidation and headache normally associated with this process.

We will also the follow the renewal application through the various procedures to ensure everything goes smoothly. So far we’ve helped hundreds of pilots get there licences current again. All you have to do is book turn up and fly.

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North Weald Flying Group operate out of the Squadron at North Weald Airfield.

The airfield is 10 miles south of Stansted and can be seen from the M11. Follow signs from the A414 and on entrance to the field, follow the perimeter track all the way around the field until you arrive at the distinctive Squadron building.

phone: 01992522090