NPPL (M) to NPPL (SSEA) Conversion Courses

The aim of the National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL)

is to devolve the regulation of some recreational flying to ‘Air Sports’ organisations. The licence itself is easier to obtain and maintain than the standard EASA PPL.

Medically, this devolution means changing from an aviation medical examination system, using a network of specially qualified doctors, to a declaration of medical fitness by the pilot. To validate this declaration, and to prevent concealment of disease, it has to be endorsed by a doctor with access to your medical records, usually your General Practitioner (GP).

Holders of UK PPLs for balloon, airship and gyroplane flying also use these requirements

The North Weald Flying Group

offer the opportunity to convert your existing NPPL(M) to an NPPL(SSEA)*. Encompassing the minimum requirement for two hours stall/spin awareness training plus one-hour instrument flying and appreciation each course is individually structured around your current experience level.

Our own experienced instructors conduct the courses with the flight tests being undertaken by our in-house examiner. The required theoretical examinations of Aircraft (General) and Principles of Flight can be taken with us at North Weald as part of your course.

*The NPPL (SSEA) will continue to be valid to fly ‘permit aircraft’ but will not be valid to fly ‘EASA’ aircraft such as Cessna’s and Pipers after April 2018 (unless that date is postponed). However, once you have an SSEA rating you can then convert your licence by a simple paperwork process to a CAA LAPL (with the appropriate medical) which will cover those EASA aircraft after the regulation implementation date.

June 2018 update:

** The CAA have extended the above deadline for SSEA holders to fly ‘EASA’ aircraft until April 2019. However, the paper route upgrade from SSEA to LAPL has been closed for any SSEA licence issued after April 2018. NPPL(M) upgrades to SSEA can still be undertaken with us but that licence will only be valid for EASA aircraft until April 2019 (unless postponed again) or to fly ‘Annex II’ aircraft which is those operating on a permit. Realistically if you wish to upgrade your NPPL(M) and intend to fly EASA aircraft in the longer term you will need to consider training for the LAPL. Details of the LAPL can be found on our Flight Training Website via ‘Pilot Licence Training’ on our home page.

The complete training package

is completely self-contained within the NWFG and administered by our pilot training company, North Weald Flight Training Ltd. This means your course is totally hassle-free and will allow you to reach the required standard as quickly and easily as your schedule and budget allows.

Why use the North Weald Flying Group to conduct your training?

We are one the UK’s largest flying groups and currently operates eight Cessna aircraft from our North Weald airfield base. Having been established for over 14 years our heritage is aircraft hire and advanced flight training. We consider ourselves different from other training establishments in the area in being able to offer:

A flexible approach to your training to give you the very best value.

A fleet of well-maintained aircraft with excellent availability to suit your schedule.

One to one instruction with the same instructor for the duration of your course.

A training package that will allow you to progress seamlessly to North Weald Flying Group membership if required to fully utilise your new NPPL (SSEA).

All weather hard runways and taxiways.

No landing fees at North Weald. (please note that for training flights the airfield operator levy a charge for repetitive circuit training @ £2.50 per circuit)

Maximum airborne time with none of the expensive holding delays often associated with some of the bigger and busier commercial airfields.

Excellent training environment, facilities and a seven day a week café.

Contact us

North Weald Flying Group operate out of the Squadron at North Weald Airfield.

The airfield is 10 miles south of Stansted and can be seen from the M11. Follow signs from the A414 and on entrance to the field, follow the perimeter track all the way around the field until you arrive at the distinctive Squadron building.

phone: 01992522090