The Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation airplane, that was designed for flight training, touring and personal use. It is the fourth most produced civilian plane ever, with 23,839 aircraft produced. Simple, robust, and easy to fly, for these reasons the C150 has become one of the world’s most popular basic trainers.

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The baby of the North Weald fleet, this little C-150 found it's followers amongst hour builders and pilots who just want cheap fun flying. We think this is the best C-150 around after a total rebuild and respray, almost every part of the plane is new and it looks like it's just come off the production line. This little plane had helped many prospective airline pilots achieve there dream.

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Performance & specs


Cessna 150

Never exceed speed: 140 mph

Cruise speed: 117 mph

Stall speed: 42 knots (48 mph, 78 km/h)

Range: 475 miles

Service ceiling: 12,650 ft

Rate of climb: 670 ft/min (3.4 m/s)

Fuel consumption: 19 litres per tacho hour

Engine power: 110 hp/lb

*based on original manufacturer stats.


Crew: 2 or one pilot, one passenger

Capacity: 2

Length: 23 ft 9 in

Wingspan: 32 ft 8 in

Height: 8 ft

Wing area: 157 ft² 

Empty weight: 970 lb 

Max. takeoff weight: 1,600 lb (730 kg)

Powerplant: Continental O-200-A flat-4 engine

Cost (inc fuel and VAT): £98.50 per tacho hour


1 x Transponder Trig TT 31 ModeS

1 x king KX 155Nav/Com

1 x OBS

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Contact us

North Weald Flying Group operate out of the Squadron at North Weald Airfield.

The airfield is 10 miles south of Stansted and can be seen from the M11. Follow signs from the A414 and on entrance to the field, follow the perimeter track all the way around the field until you arrive at the distinctive Squadron building.

email: paul@nwfg.co.uk
phone: 01992522090