G- BHMG, a Reims Cessna FA152 is our latest addition to the North Weald Fly Group/Flight Training fleet. Purchased in July 2016 ‘MG’ is a EASA category CS-23C aerobatic aeroplane which means the group can now offer EASA aerobatic courses to any pilots who would like to explore a completely different element of flying as well as sharpening up and improving their flying skills. When not barrel rolling or upside down in a loop G-BHMG perfectly complements the existing fleet of NWFG aircraft for hour building and group hire and has proved very popular with all those that fly her.

Header imageG-BHMG - North Weald Flying Group

G- BHMG, a Reims Cessna FA152 is our latest addition to the North Weald Fly Group/Flight Training fleet.

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Performance & specs


Reims Cessna FA152 Aerobat

Never exceed speed: 149 Kts

Cruise speed: 98 knots

Stall speed: 40 knots

Range: 480 nm

Service ceiling: 14,700 ft

Rate of climb: 670 ft/min

Fuel consumption: 23 litres per tacho hour

Engine power: Lycomming 0235-L2C 110 hp

*based on original manufacturer stats.



Crew: 2 or one pilot and one passenger

Capacity: 2

Length: 23 feet 9 inches

Wingspan: 33 feet 4 inches

Height: 8 feet 6 inches

Max. takeoff weight: 758 Kg

Max. landing weight: 757 Kg

Max. baggage weight: 54 Kg

Cost (incl fuel and VAT): £105.00 per tacho hour



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North Weald Flying Group operate out of the Squadron at North Weald Airfield.

The airfield is 10 miles south of Stansted and can be seen from the M11. Follow signs from the A414 and on entrance to the field, follow the perimeter track all the way around the field until you arrive at the distinctive Squadron building.

email: paul@nwfg.co.uk
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