Compton Abbas and Bembridge

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29th April 2006

A cloudy start, but a promising forecast brought the Fly Out Group together for it’s third day out and a planned two stop trip to Compton Abbas and Bembridge. After a few complications with aircraft we managed to set out to Compton Abbas. Off first was G-BZWH, followed closely by G-DCKK and G-AVNS. Also joining us was our friend Kieron replacing his Yak-52 for a PA-28 this time.


Being a more challenging route than previously undertaken due to the mass of Control Zones, restricted and prohibited areas, ATZ’s and MATZ’s on the way resulted in several different routes being selected. Kieron was the first to arrive at Compton only to be informed that that the airfield was closed due to a C-152 having suffered a nose wheel collapse on landing and blocking the runway, fortunately without any injuries. After circling for some 15 minutes he was finally allowed to land on runway 08 at this beautiful grass airfield nestling amongst the trees on a 811 ft amsl high ridge overlooking Shaftsbury. G-DCKK was next to arrive, followed by WH and NS. Compton Abbas has an excellent club house and incredibly busy restaurant with some 70-80 people eating and drinking whilst watching the aircraft, including Tiger Moths, an Auster and a brace of Yaks come and go.


No pressure on our handling pilots to pull off a greaser in front of such a large audience who had already had there interest focused by the unfortunate 152. No such problems for our intrepid aviators and lunch was taken before an enjoyable visit to the small aviation museum. Then it was off for the hop to Bembridge, lifejackets donned for the 15 mile sea crossing from Swanage to the Isle of Wight. In clearing sky’s we set off over a still slightly hazy but beautiful rolling Dorset panorama, routing around the Bournemouth Zone and crossing the coast at Swanage towards the IOW. Some air to air shots between WH and NS en route before passing The Needles on the way into a very busy Bembridge. VB arrived first followed by KK who had to go around due to a slow back tracker on Bembridges hard surface Runway 30, then it was NS followed by WH who due to the conglomeration of other traffic ended up as No 4 on a very extended downwind leg and a seven mile final. Tea was taken in the small but comfortable cafe overlooking the airfield.


In lifting haze and bright sunshine it was every crew for themselves as Bembridges fuel bowser had run dry. NS headed towards Sandown whilst VB set course for Goodwood. The longer legged KK together with WH headed home to North Weald via the South Coast, crystal clear in all it’s Victorian splendour. Although a little disjointed at the start and finish, an excellent day was had by all and hopefully a good foundation for our longer trips to come.


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